Taking drug development from research to the real world.

One of the largest hurdles in successful drug development is establishing a team with the expertise and ability to move discoveries and research forward.

API provides translational teams, infrastructure, and an industry framework, unlocking the potential of innovative science within post-secondary institutions and building a thriving Canadian health innovation ecosystem.


Researchers and Startups: Start your journey from bench to bedside. Meet with our team to see how we can help you bring your research to the real world as part of our incubator program.

Industry Partners: Access research innovation and novel expertise in a framework that supports commercial success. Discover our shared potential.


Bridging the gap.

Our interdisciplinary network of academic & industry leaders deliver expertise in drug development: business, regulatory & patent strategy, regulatory compliant toxicology, synthesis, formulation, PK/PD, clinical trial design, and the ability to take a compound all the way from the research bench to the patient’s bedside.